Smartphone with Solar Charging Capabilities at MWC 2015 – Kyocera TORQUE KC-701

Kyocera TORQUE KC-701 prototype will be announced at MWC 2015

Kyocera TORQUE KC-701 boasts Wysips Crystal panel with solar charging capabilities

Among the most exciting and intriguing things at the big events in the digit world are the innovative technologies. The innovative techs are integrated in prototypes and gadgets that often begin new trends in the mobile world. One of the most extraordinary devices that will be introduced at MWC 2015 in Barcelona is the Kyocera TORQUE KC-701 with solar charging capability.

The prototype is based on the Kyocera TORQUE SKT01 that was released earlier. In terms of appearance and specs the new smartphone resembles its predecessor. It sports rugged panel, however apart from the original device, the TORQUE KC-701 boasts a special technology with Wysips Crystal panel. The tech is developed by the French company SunPartner Technologies. It enables solar charging of the smartphone.

The innovative Wysips Crystal panel blends the photovoltaic and the optical technologies into a single layer. It is integrated in the display panel. Kyocera will present the device at MWC 2015. The model is not available for the vast audience just yet but it certainly gives an idea of one of the new trends that is expected to grow in the next years. The battery life of devices is a big issue for mobile users today. The capabilities for solar charging will improve the user experience significantly and certainly will open many possibilities for development of the high-end technologies integrated in the wearables, smartphones and tablets.

Source: gsmarena

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