Archos Presented Four New Devices for Schools

Archos introduced tablets and laptops purposed for schools

Archos is providing students with four new devices – laptops and tablets

More and more companies in the digit world are enrolling in the “Grand Digital for Schools Project” that aims to bring modern and capable devices in the classrooms and help for the fulfilling education of thousands of students. The French manufacturer Archos is joining the program with four groups of devices – laptops and tablets. They are especially designed and developed for schools purposes (middle and high-school students), therefore they will not be available for purchase in the regular stores. They sport mid-ranged specs and run on three different operating systems – Windows 8.1 Professional, Chrome OS and Android.

The two tablets of Archos are full-sized slates with 9-inch and 10.1-inch displays. They work with a quad-core CPU with Intel chip ticking at 1.8GHz in configuration with 2GB RAM. The new tablets arrive with 64GB native memory. A detachable keyboard is part of the package. They are outfitted with batteries that can keep the tablets working for 8 hours. The value of the 9-incher is €200 while the bigger model costs €250.

Archos is including two models laptops in the project. The first one has 10.6-inch display. It runs on Chrome OS. The laptop is provided with 2GB RAM and 64GB native memory. It costs €250.

The biggest laptop in the group is with 14-inch screen. It runs on Windows 8.1 Pro OS. The device is provided with 4GB RAM and the impressive amount of 250GB storage. It costs €300.

All new devices announced by Archos work with Intel chipsets and stand-out with long battery life. The company is designing them to be extra tough with rugged features. Archos is launching an education page on its official website in few weeks.

Source: gsmarena

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