Android M is Announced at Google I/O 2015

Android M is unveiled

The new update of Android M is presented to developers

What is the name of the next update of Android? This is still unknown, however Google revealed some of the features that will be included in the upgrade of the platform when it gets released this summer. Android M as it is known is a major update of the mobile OS.

In the first day of the developers’ conference Google I/O 2015 Google presented six new features that will improve the user experience with Android-powered devices significantly. Before we get to them, it is good to say more about the design and the UI of the Android M. The screenshots revealed enriched design and functionality with a new app drawer packed with new capabilities, new widget drawer, and the lockscreen is improved as well. The update is saying goodbye to the Google Settings app. Instead, the settings are included in the main Settings app under the Google option. Android M is provided with more dramatic animations including some new animations for interactions throughout the different elements of the user interface.

Some of the features that were presented to developers include the much anticipated fingerprint support, Direct share, new app permissions, Chrome custom tabs, support for USB Type C etc. App Links and Android Pay are also included in the Android M Developer Preview. The first new feature makes the browsing through apps more secure by “checking” whether the received requests are legit etc. Android Pay is the answer of Google to the growing trend for mobile payments. The Android Pay uses NFC connectivity. Lots of developers are embracing this new feature and support mobile payments. The list includes Best Buy, Pepsi, Subway and McDonald’s. Google Now has received a nice boost and comes with improved interface and capabilities.

Android M is in beta version to be tested by developers in the next months. The launch date for the update is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015. We will wait and see which features will be included in the final update. Stay tuned.

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