Wi-Fi Support and Much More Brings the New Android Wear Update

Android Wear update is announced

Android Wear boasts much anticipated features to smartwatches

The new update of Android Wear is officially unveiled. Google made some hints before that the upcoming upgrade of the platform for wearable tech will be significant and it kept its word. The first and most major improvement in Android Wear is the support for Wi-Fi. This new feature brings the smartwatches running on the software one step closer to work as stand-alone devices.

The Wi-Fi support enriches the possibility for users to use their smartwatches even if they leave their smartphone home. What you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you’ll be able to receive notifications, listening to music from your wireless headphones, send messages etc. Another very important new feature is the always-on capability for apps. The apps running on your smartwatch will remain active as long as you need them. In order to save battery life, the screen will become colorful only when it is on.

The new gesture support will make the usage of the smartwatch easier and more convenient even in busy days. For example, scrolling through notifications can happen by flicking your wrist. It is easier than ever to send messages and work with apps by taps and swipes on the screen. Google is adding emoji recognition capability to Android Wear. This means that you can simply draw the emoji you would like to send on the display and the device will recognize it, so you can send it easily.

Among the extraordinary features provided in the update are GPS support and offline music for smartwatches that are equipped with the certain hardware. Google is sending-out the new Android Wear update to smartwatches running on the software. First in line is LG Watch Urbane.

Source: googleblog

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