How to Unlock the Bootloader of an Xperia Device

Unlock the bootloader of Xperia phones

Useful tips how to unlock the bootloader of your Xperia

Sony is one of the very few companies in the tech world that choose to give their customers the possibilities for advanced customization of the devices from the Xperia series. Users who want to root their phones no longer need to find risky ways for unlocking of the bootloader. Sony provides the option to unlock the bootloader on the Android-powered smartphones of the Xperia line. Even more, the company launched a video with instructions how to unlock the bootloader on the devices. The star of the video is the flagship Sony Xperia Z2.

Users will need a computer working on Windows. Here is the place to say that even if Sony officially shows how to unlock your device that doesn’t mean that you are advised to do it. Keep in mind that the unlocking of the bootloader leads to losing the warranty of the phone. There is always a risk that something might go wrong and you can end up with bricked phone. If you are willing to try, follow the steps and instructions presented in the video. Have you tried to unlock your device yet? Share with us your impressions.

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