UMI Zero 2 is Soon-to-be-Announced New Dual-Screen Smartphone

UMI Zero 2 to be announced soon

UMI Zero 2 is the upcoming dual-screen handset

The extraordinary line of dual-screen smartphones YotaPhone will compete against a new smartphone with similar capabilities. The UMI Zero 2 appeared in a few teasers recently revealing its two screens – LCD display on the front and e-ink screen on the back. The Chinese manufacturer UMI has the tradition for releasing interesting devices that bring more unique user experience.

The company is keeping the mystery around the specs of the upcoming smartphone. The only clue it gave is the “duplex life” written on the photo that shows a bit of the silhouette of UMI Zero 2. Recent rumors suggest that the handset has a 5.2-inch diagonal of the screen with a resolution of 1080p. The internals of the Zero 2 include a MediaTek MT6752 chip paired with 3GB RAM.

The smartphone boasts 16GB memory by default. On the back panel of the upcoming model (with the e-ink display) is integrated a 13MP sensor. On the front side lies 8MP shooter for video calls. In terms of software the new device is running on Android. The expected price of the UMI Zero 2 is around $500. The launch date of the smartphone is unknown at the moment. The availability of the model is expected to be on the local markets. It is nice to see that more manufacturers are embracing the idea of releasing dual-screen smartphones. It might be the new trend that will be growing in the next years, don’t you think?

Source: UMIFacebook

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