Take Awesome Selfies with the Microsoft Selfie App for iOS

Microsoft Selfie is now free for download in the App Store

Microsoft Selfie is the New App for iOS

For all of you, iOS users who love taking selfies, there is a new app available for download in the App Store courtesy of Microsoft. It is named Microsoft Selfie, and as its name suggests, the application is developed to make the selfies more awesome than ever. The app is endowed with abundance of features and capabilities. It uses a lot of details, like user’s skin tone, age, gender and etc to make the enhancing of the selfies easy and fun for brilliant results.

Among the features of the Microsoft Selfie are the intelligent enhancement, color themes, automatic exposure and noise reduction. The app is ready to work the moment you launch it. It opens the front-facing camera on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. A simple tap on the button on the display snaps a selfie that you can enhance and de-noise. After you are done with all the editing you want to do, you can save your selfie to the Camera Roll.

Microsoft Selfie is free for download. It is compatible with devices running on iOS 8.0 or newer update of the platform. The interest towards apps and front-facing cameras that can take better and better selfies is growing in the last years. It is nice to see another selfie-focused app that will make the snapping of photos even more fun and entertaining experience.

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