Samsung might be Working on a 18.4-Tablet

A 18.4-inch tablet of Samsung was mentioned in a leak

Rumors have it that Samsung is working on a tablet with 18.4-inch screen

One of the latest trends for smartphones is to go big. Some years ago a 5.5-incher would be considered a phablet and would draw attention like it was an alien in the tech world. Today, it is not a rare thing to see 6-inch smartphones. Is this trend going to move to tablets too? One of the latest rumors about Samsung suggests that the manufacturer is working on a 18.4-inch tablet.

A mysterious device with this size entered India for testing. It was listed in the Indian website Zauba. The leak with information does not reveal more details about the tablet. There is a good chance that Samsung is only testing waters with a new size of tablet and it might not release it to markets.

If Samsung releases the 18.4-inch slate, it will begin a whole new niche in the tech world. Of course, it is unknown how users would accept a tablet with such size. The mentioned price of the model in the website Zauba is INR 32371 (around $507 or €464). It is lower than the expected price for such a device. After the testing of the tablets they will be destroyed. The current biggest slate of Samsung is with a 12.2-inch display. 18.4-inches will be significantly bigger. What is your opinion of a tablet with a so large screen?

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