Samsung Launched Tizen Store in 182 Countries

Samsung is releasing the Tizen Store in more countries

The Tizen Store from Samsung is now available in 182 countries

Not long ago Samsung officially introduced the first Tizen-powered smartphone in the tech world, the Samsung Z1. The device is entry-level with stylish design. It is released for sells in Bangladesh and India. Samsung has not shared more details about its plans for the distribution of the Samsung Z1. However the latest news about the launching of the Tizen Store in 182 countries worldwide makes the hint that we will see the Tizen-based device to more markets soon.

Tizen OS is the authentic platform of Samsung. It is based on Android OS customized with the unique features and capabilities, some of which we see in the TouchWiz UI. So far the Tizen Store is not too rich on apps but hopefully the Korean manufacturer will manage to attract more developers to work on applications for the platform.

The launching of the Tizen Store is an important step of the presenting of the relatively young operating system. There are rumors that the company is in final stages in developing of the successor of the Samsung Z1. The new platforms bring much needed diversity in the tech world with more alternatives to the most famous mobile OS, like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Stay tuned for more news, leaks and rumors.

Source: wsj

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