Rumors Reveal that LG G4 is Coming in April

LG G4 is getting announced in April, rumors say

The next flagship LG G4 is expected to debut in April

The current flagship of LG, the LG G3 came to the world in May 2014. What about its successor, the LG G4? Rumors and leaks about the upcoming flagships have ben teasing mobile users for some time now. The most impatient fans of LG expect to see the new high-end smartphone of the company announced at MWC 2015.

Two of the major players in the digit world, HTC and Samsung are getting ready to introduce their flagships at the exhibition in the beginning of March. However LG seems to have different plans for its new star. According to sources of Korea Times, the LG G4 will debut in April.

Most of the specs of the new unannounced flagships are still a mystery, but the great capabilities and features of LG G3 make us confident to believe that the waiting for LG G4 is worth it. The good news is that if rumors turn out to be true, we won’t be waiting a whole year to see the next flagship of the Korean OEM. MWC 2015 is promising to be really exciting and interesting event, a real battle of flagships. It makes sense for the company to wait a bit and introduce its star without sharing the spotlight with any other competitor. Until the new flagship enters the mobile arena, LG G Flex2 will be heating-up the competition between the high-end handsets. What are your expectations for LG G4?

Source: koreatimes

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