RoBoHoN is One-of-a-Kind Smartphone of Sharp and Tomotaka Takahasgi

RoBoHoN is unveiled

Extraordinary and unique RoBoHoN smartphone that looks like a robot

There is always something interesting and intriguing happening in the tech world. If you are a fan of the extraordinary devices with innovative tech, you will be fascinated by the latest gadget of Sharp. The Japanese manufacturer is teaming up with the robot makers of Tomotaka Takahasgi for the creating of RoBoHoN.

What is it? Well, if we have to describe it in a few words – it is a tiny smart robot that have the capabilities of a smartphone. We can’t predict that this will be a new trend for smartphones in future, however there is no doubt that RoBoHoN provides a unique user experience. The robot is a digital assistant with some of the features of a smartphone. It supports voice control and reacts to commands.

There is an always-on mic that is always ready to listen to commands. Some of the capabilities of the RoBoHoN of Sharp include making phone calls, setting alarms and reminders in the calendar and etc. It also moves around and responses to its owner. The cute gadget can walk a bit, dance, squat and wave its hands. The specs of the RoBoHoN include a 2-inch display, 320x240p.

The processor of the robot is with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip. The connectivity capabilities of the device include Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE. It is armed with a camera and a built-in projector. RoBoHoN is expected to go for sells at the beginning of 2016 in Japan. The price is yet to be revealed.


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