Photoshop Fix App for iPhone and iPad is Free for Download

Photoshop Fix is launched for iPhone and iPad

The photo-editing app Photoshop Fix from Adobe is available for download for iOS devices

There is no doubt that Photoshop is one of the most popular products of Adobe for creative editing of photos. Not long ago the company released the Photoshop Touch app which pretty much is the mobile version of the Photoshop. The application is no longer available and it is getting replaced by a new app named Photoshop Fix. For now the new application from Adobe is available for iOS only. This means that the first users that can try it in real are the owners of iPhone and iPad. Android users will also get the possibility to use the Photoshop Fix later on.

What does the app do? It is developed to “fix” images with a rich abundance of tools. Users can use the Healing tools for removing objects from the photos, they can edit the background with the Liquify tool and many more possibilities. Among the capabilities of the Photoshop Fix are to darken, smooth out or lighten the photos and use different filters for more remarkable results.

The app makes it easy to send the edited images from your smartphone or tablet to the Photoshop on your PC through the Adobe’s Creative Cloud for additional editing. There is a lot to explore in this app. So all photo-editing enthusiasts don’t miss the opportunity to try the Photoshop Fix and report back with your impressions. Did we mention that it is free for download? Well, it is.

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