OnePlus with Important Announcements

OnePlus has something to share

OnePlus has important news to share regarding its current flagship and a new partnership

OnePlus has the busiest time lately with new announcements made in the last weeks. First, the company officially shared the news that the first (and only for now) flagship OnePlus One will be available to purchase by users without invites needed. The smartphone was released last year and it was offered only through invitation system. The latest news from the company is its partnership with a big carrier.

The manufacturer is teaming up with Maxis which is one of the bigger mobile operators in Malaysia. Since April 22 the flagship will be offered by the carrier in its convenient stores as well we in its online store.

The price of the 64GB variant of the smartphone is slightly lower than usual. It costs MYR 1199 ($330) contract-free while the price in other retailers is around $349. OnePlus One is one of the youngest OEMs in the tech world; therefore this partnership is a small but rather important step for the popularizing of the company.

This is especially important now when the rumors for the OnePlus 2 make the hint that the new flagship should arrive sooner than later. According to the gossips the company will follow the same approach for the releasing of the new flagship as it did last year. This means that the upcoming smartphone will be sold only with invites in the beginning. Hopefully OnePlus will provide more details soon.

Source: OnePlusBlog

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