Nomad Wallet is Packed with a 2400mAh Battery

Nomad Wallet with a 2400mAh cell is launched

A wallet with a battery for a smartphone is offered by Nomad

Your wallet can save you in more than one ways especially if it has the capabilities of the newest wallet of Nomad. At first glance the accessory is a beautiful leather wallet for keeping your hard earned cash, credit cards and visit cards. It comes at a size of 125 x 85 x 25mm. The design of the product is a folded wallet. What is so special of the Nomad Wallet? It has a battery pack in the hinge.

The capacity of the battery is the modest 2400mAh. It is not a whole lot of power if we compare it to other portable battery packs. However the Nomad Wallet will certainly come in handy if the battery of your cell phone dies when you need the device the most. For most of the smartphones used today, the 2400mAh can recharge almost the full battery of the device. The Nomad Wallet comes with a spate USB port for recharging of the battery.

The accessory is compatible for iPhone models for now using Lightning connector. The company is planning to launch a version of the wallet for Android-running devices. The Nomad Wallet can be ordered from the official website of the manufacturer. The price of the accessory is $79.99. The shipping is scheduled for 15th of November. After this date, the wallet will be available for $89.99. This new extraordinary accessory will make a nice holiday gift, don’t you think? Share with us your opinion.

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