New Update of Vine for Windows Phone is Here

Vine for Windows Phone with a new update

Vine for Windows Phone boasts abundance of new features in the latest update

The popular app Vine is getting a major update for the Windows Phone platform. The new version of the app brings abundance of new features. Now users can easily import videos from their cameras by taping on the small icon set on the bottom corner on left. The update offers new options for editing videos, including deleting the clips you don’t need and rearranging videos.

The app boasts Vine Messages feature. It can be used for sharing your videos with friends privately. You can find the icon for the feature on the top right corner. The “Loop counts” is a new option that counts the times your Vine loops have been watched. The update is provided with a new Activity feed. It will notify you when your Vines gets loops or likes. If a new friend joins Vine, you will get a notification in the Activity feed. The update also brings possibility for customizing your profile in the app.

You can play with colors and make it more appealing and unique from the options in the Settings menu. Vine is known for one of the most addictive and popular apps for video editing and sharing in the tech world. If you haven’t tried it yet, hit the link in the source and get it from the WindowsPhone store. It is free to download and it is compatible with Windows Phone 8 or newer platforms.

Source: VineBlog, WindowsPhone store

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