New Rumors Reveal More about the Second Generation Google Glass

Google and Intel to cooperate for the developing of the next Google Glass

The upcoming successor of Google Glass will work with Intel chip, rumors say

The Google Glass is the first model high-end eye-wear that enriches the wearable tech in the mobile world. The device can be purchased by the Google Play Store in the US at price of $1500. Developers have been working on the Glass Explorer project for over a year now improving the software and adding more and more features and capabilities to the innovative eye-wear. As everything new the Google Glass has its fans and critics especially after the releasing of eye-wear gadgets by rival companies. Recently the rumors around the Glass reveal that many owners of the gadget find it “too nerdy.”

The last months give the clue that developers might be losing interest for working on the device. The newest rumors from the Mountain View suggest that the company is working on the successor of the original Google Glass. The second generation eye-wear will be equipped with an Intel-made chipset. The processor is expected to be low-power consumption which makes it very beneficial for wearable tech.

One of the challenges in the concepts for the wearable devices is to have relatively long battery life but the battery itself need to be small… in fact, the smaller the better. Intel is making its first steps on the field for wearable tech which means that the rumors for its cooperation with Google for the next generation Glass are believable. The new device is expected to go official in 2015.

The market for wearable gadgets from smartwatches to smartbands, to fitness trackers, smart rings and eye-wear is growing rapidly. We will wait and see what Google is preparing for the upgrade of the Glass.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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