New Live Cases for Nexus are Up-For-Sells

Live Cases for Nexus are official

Get customized Live Cases for Nexus with a photo or a map of your choice

It’s always nice to have a more personalized smartphone, am I right? One of the biggest advantages of the flagships of Motorola from the Moto X series is the Moto Maker tool for customizing the appearance of the smartphone. Google has just launched the Live Cases for the smartphones of the Nexus series. The cases cover the backplate and the sides of the device. They are compatible with the models Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6.

The Photo Live Cases enable users to select a photo or an image of their choice and put it on a case. The photos can be enriched with filters and other effects for a more attractive appearance. Users can also create live wallpapers for their phones with the selected images. The Places Live Cases are similar to Photo Live Cases, but instead of using pictures or images, you will put a map on your phone. Of course, it is stylized and customized with colors and filters to create the perfect customized case. There is also the option to create live wallpaper that consists of the stylized maps. One of the extras of Live Cases is a programmable shortcut button that is used for easy launching of a preferable app.

Live Cases for Nexus are available for purchase

Where can you find the new cases? Head to the Google Store and you can buy any of the two variants – for photos or for maps at a price of $35 for a Nexus case.

If you are curious how exactly the customizing of the cases work, watch the video below.

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Source: GoogleStore

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