New Feature in Google Search Enables Sending Directions to Your Phone

New features in Google Search

Send directions to your mobile device from Google Search directly from your PC

Master the Time Management with a new feature added by Google to the desktop search. If you are planning your day ahead with lots of places for visiting in the program, it is easier than ever to senf the directions from your PC to your smartphone.

In order to activate the new feature you just need to head to Google Search and type “send directions.” You will see a box with Google Maps where you can enter the start and the end of your route. After you are finished with setting the directions, you can easily send them to your Android-running smartphone or tablet. Just keep in mind that in order to work, the new feature must be used with the same account. This means that you have to be logged in your account in your desktop and in your smartphone as well.

When you send the directions, they will open in Google Maps ready to guide you through your way. Using the new feature is as simple as it sounds. Give it a try and get back to share your impressions. What are your favourite apps and features for time management?

Source: GooglePlus

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