New Extraordinary Toy, the View-Master is Launching This Fall

View-Master is the newly announced VR headset

The View-Master is the new VR headset that provides unique immersing user experience

Are you looking for some extraordinary tech toys? The good ol’ View-Master that many of us just loved when we were kids is getting a major upgrade. The company Mattel is teaming up with Google for the developing and launching of a completely renovated View-Master. The device is based on the Google Cardboard. It provides more fulfilling 3D experience than ever for exploring places and learning new things.

The new View-Master is promising to be an excellent educational gadget that makes learning easier and more fun than before. With the virtual-reality headset the users immerse in different environments from Paris to the famous island-jail Alcatraz. View-Master works with new reels that replace the well-known cardboard disks. The new reels work as entry points with similar functionality as the AR Cards for Nintendo 3DS.

The new device is outfitted with durable and comfortable panel. It is easy to use by kids and it is not fragile, which is a real advantage for daily usage. How does it work? All you need is the View-Master VR headset, a smartphone running on Android with the special app pre-installed on it and a reel. The new device is coming to markets in fall. The price of the View-Master is $29.99. A pack of three experience reels will cost $14.99.

Source: Mattel, CNET

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