Motorola will Showcase the Verve Retrieve Dog Collar at MWC 2016

Verve Retrieve and a bunch of new VerveLife wearable devices at MWC 2016

New wearable devices of Motorola, like the Verve Retrieve dog collar will be presented at MWC 2016

Few weeks ago at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, one of the most interesting announcements came from Motorola. The company introduced a new line of wearable tech dubbed VerveLife. Their purpose? They are expected to fit into multitude of lifestyles from pets, to fashion to fitness. The latest reports suggest that Motorola will showcase some of the new wearables at MWC 2016 in Barcelona.

The Verve Retrieve for example is a unique dog collar that supports GPS and cellular connectivity. It is water-resistant device with IP67 certificate. What’s the purpose of the Verve Retrieve? It helps for finding the dog and always keeping track on its location. One of the great features in the new collar is the possibility to set a “virtual fence” – a safe area for the dog. If your furry pet leaves the virtual fence, the collar will alert you. The high-tech collar will be able to work for up to 3 years before it has to be replaced. What would be even cooler about the Verve Retrieve is a camera included in the collar. However Motorola is Not offering such a possibility just yet. ‘

The Verve Cam is another addition to the new line of wearable tech. It is an activity camera that can record 2.5K HD video at 30fps. The extraordinary camera can be attached to various subjects thanks to abundance of accessories that can be used for it. The captured videos can be easily shared throughout the social media thanks to special software of Motorola. Users have editing settings at their disposal to manage the videos.

Verve Rider+ and Verve Loop+ are the new headsets of the Verve line. They are water-resistant that work with large batteries that assures up-to-12 hours of battery life. Another new wearable tech for the music fans is the Verve Ones+, earbuds with a battery and an integrated radio. The Verve Ones+ earbuds are great for wirelessly listening to music, movies, shows (radio and TV) and etc. Next week at MWC 2016 in Barcelona Motorola will reveal more details about the devices. Are you interested in trying the new wearable tech?

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