More Rumors and Leaks About LG G4 Mini

LG G4 Mini in a new leak

LG G4 Mini might be coming to Europe soon

LG G4 Mini might be coming soon. A new leak from the Vodafone carrier in Hungary includes a listing with the LG G4 Mini device in it. The leak does not reveal additional information about the specs and the release date of the smartphone. Thanks to different sources and rumors we have some idea of what to expect from the mini version of the flagship.

LG G4 Mini is coming with a 5-inch display, 720p resolution. It is powered by Snapdragon 615 chip. Not long ago a leak from Germany revealed that an upcoming smartphone dubbed LG G4c is coming soon and works with Snapdragon 410 chip. Many believed that this is actually the mini variant of G4. The true is somewhere out there.

It is very possible that the leaks present different devices and the G4c is a lower-end smartphone than the G4 Mini. The new mid-ranger is expected to go official next month. It is expected to go for sells in countries in Europe. LG has not confirmed or denied the leaked information, so we will wait and see. As always, remain open for surprises until the manufacturer and the carriers make the official announcement of the device (or devices).

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