Mocked Up Screenshots of the Settings App of Android N


Mocked up screenshots of the Settings app of the Android N surfaced on the web

Have a look at the first mocked up screenshots of the Settings app of the upcoming Android N

This May Google is expected to reveal more information about the next big update, known as Android N at the moment. There is no doubt that this upgrade of the Google’s platform will carry a sweet name, but what else we can expect in the update? A few leaks from the last days revealed a bit of the mystery around Android N. For instance, the update will include a refreshed notification shade.

Thanks to the guys from Android Police, a new fresh batch of mocked up screenshots of Android N surfaced on the internet. They are supposed to present the Settings app which has some new tweaks. The lines between the items of the same category in the menu are gone.

There are lines between the different categories. It seems that Google has added additional info to the items in the main menu. For instance, the Battery item will display the battery status, the Wi-Fi item will show to which network is currently connected the device, and etc. If the device is in Do Not Disturb mode, the Settings app shows a drop down menu at the top. Another new changes in the Android N compared to the Marshmallow update is the split “Sound & notification.”

In the new update, there will be two separate “Sound” and “Notifications” sections. In Android N, there won’t be a separate “Home” section, or at least this is what the screenshots show at this stage of the development of the platform.

Last month Google itself released screenshots of the upcoming upgrade where there was includes a hamburger menu for easier “jumping” from one area to another in the Settings app. It is present in the leaked screenshots as well.

Overall, it seems that Google is working hard on making the Android platform as convenient as possible for users. Hopefully, more information about the Android N will be shared soon. Meantime, what are your guesses about the name of the upcoming upgrade? Our guesses are for Android Nutella or Nerds.

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Source: androidpolice

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