Mobile Advertising: The Importance of Using Mobile DSPs

Using Mobile DSPs 1

DSPs can be a highly effective and fast solution for mobile advertising

There are all different types of mobile advertising channels that mobile advertisers can use. However, not ever channel will bring success. One of the major problems that advertisers face is an oversupply of ad inventory, which is the result of an ever-increasing number of mobile sites and apps. This makes them cautious about spending because they face issues with tracking (measuring mobile ad campaigns). While this is a problem, a mobile demand side platform, may be the answer.

Mobile demand side platforms (DSPs) can be beneficial for small developers seeking to gain loyal app users and for bigger brands who want to boost awareness. Mobile DSPs offer advertisers more control and transparency over campaigns. With DSPs, mobile advertisers can leverage specific user data, targeting and enhancing the effectiveness of their advertisements. Although demand side platforms do not necessarily directly solve all tracking issues, they do give mobile marketing greater reliability and predictability.

To understand the importance of Mobile DSPs and whether or not you may be in need of one, it helps to know what a demand side platform actually is. Basically, a DSP is a kind of system that is utilized to make automated purchases of advertising. More often than not, agencies and advertisers use these platforms/interfaces to aid them in buying mobile, search, display, and video ads.

Importance of Using Mobile DSPs

The reason why using DSPs is important is that they tend to make ad purchasing more reliable and less expensive than conventional methods. Mobile DSPs enable mobile advertisers to buy inventory across more than one ad exchange, publisher and network. They typically target specific users based on certain data like their previous browsing history or location. DSPs automate real-time media buying strategies for advertisers and allow them to create traffic profiles. It is also a transparent and cost-effect method for small developers to gain loyal users.

Publishers make their ad impressions available via marketplaces known as ad exchanges and DSPs automatically determine which of those impressions is the optimal option for the mobile advertiser.

Mobile DSPs also tend to be used in a combination with real time bidding (RTB) exchanges. RTB offers advertisers a way to purchase ad impressions online and for publishers to sell their inventory across mobile sites and apps. The prices of ad impressions are determined by a real time auction. Impressions are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Best of all, this entire process is done in seconds.

If you think Mobile DSPs are what you need, the following are some of the top Mobile DSPs worth investigating:

Smaato – Offers its own DSP platform, allowing advertisers to buy inventory from across various networks and publishers. Smaato claims that their ad exchange reaches 80,000 publishers and serves more than 150 billion monthly impressions.

Mobile DSPs are what you need

Avazu – This DSP platform has more than 4 billion real-time biddable ad impressions daily. It uses audience targeting technologies and audience segmentations. It lets mobile marketers analyze the journeys of their customers and retarget their existing user base.

Fiksu – This platform delivers targeted mobile RTB buying that is cost effective. It provides the ability to target every impression individually in a real time auction type of environment.

Other Mobile DSPs worth looking into include: StrikeAd, PoketMath, Go2Mobi, Millennial Media DSP, Affle, etc.

The bottom line is that mobile DSPs can be a highly effective and fast solution for mobile advertising.

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