Microsoft Released a New Variant of Surface Pro 3 Tablet for $1299

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Intel i7 chip and 128GB memory is launched

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with Intel i7 chip and 128GB storage is launched

Microsoft is releasing a cheaper variant of its mid-ranged tablet Surface Pro 3. The new model is equipped with Intel i7 chip. It is provided with 128GB storage on board. The amount of memory is double less than the 256GB memory assured in the original tablet. It boasts 8GB RAM. The price of the new Surface Pro 3 with Intel i7 is $1299.

Those of you who are looking for the tablet with 256GB storage can buy it for $1549. The slate with 512GB internal memory is available for purchase for $1949. The launching of the new model does not mean that Microsoft is not offering the older tablets. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Intel i5 chip and 256GB storage and 8GB RAM costs $1299. The same model but with 128GB and 4GB RAM is offered for $999.

The cheapest available version of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is powered by Intel i3 chip and boasts 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM. It is listed for sells at price of $799. Microsoft often holds promotions for the Surface Pro 3 tablets. The new addition to the family is a nice option for users looking for a capable slate at more affordable price. It features a 12-inch Full HD screen. The platform pre-installed on the tablet is Windows 8.1 Pro but have no doubt – it is among the first in the line for Windows 10 OS once it gets released on 29th of July.

Source: microsoftstore

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