McDonalds is Turning Happy Meal’s Boxes into Happy Goggles VR Gear

Happy Goggles of the Happy Meal’s boxes of McDonalds

A new idea of McDonalds turns the Happy Meal’s boxes into VR goggles, Happy Goggles

The most simple VR goggles are actually easy-to-make and doesn’t cost much. Google already proved this by releasing the Google Cardboard at a price of $15. If you are not looking for extras, you can put in use a box with a couple of lenses and craft a VR gear that actually works. The famous fast food chain, McDonalds is launching an extraordinary Happy Meal boxes that can easily turn into Google Cardboard VR goggles. Sweden is the first country where the Happy Goggles will be offered.

On March 5th the company will release 3500 units for the youngest customers who are curious to try the Happy Goggles. If the campaign is successful, McDonalds will present it to mother countries as well. Along with the Happy Goggles the company is releasing the VR game named “Slope Stars.” The gamers will enjoy the skiing simulator with skiing in zig-zag through obstacles and etc.

The Happy Goggles can help in controlling the game by tilting it left and right. The launch date for the game is 4th of March. You can check the link in the source for more information. It is nice that even food-related companies are trying to stay up-to-date with the newest tech trends. We will wait and see whether the young customers will like their new gadgets.

Source: HappyGoggles

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