Live Streaming in Instagram Stories is Live!

Instagram Stories with the Live streaming option

Instagram Stories users will be thrilled to hear the news of the Live Streaming feature added to the app

The 2016 has been busy for the Instagram app and especially the Instagram Stories and the Instagram Direct. This popular mobile application for sharing photos and so much more … is adding more cool scores to its profile with 2 new features for a better user experience. The first news for today is the support for live videos by Instagram Stories. The fans of Instagram already know that this is the app where you can share stories and videos which disappear in after 24 hours.

As expected, the same rule applies for the new feature – when you are done, you’re done. The video disappears after the end of the streaming. How to use the new feature? If you want to start streaming just swipe right from the Instagram feed in order to open the camera app. You’ll see the tap “Start Live Video” which is the option you are looking for. Keep in mind that you can stream for up to an hour. The app sends notifications to your friends that you are live so whoever is curious of what you want to say or present can join you. The notification for an ongoing streaming is showing in the profile of the person with the note “Live.”

The new feature of the Instagram Stories is getting launched internationally within the next weeks. Stay tuned.

The second news for today is about a very interesting feature in the Instagram Direct. Basically now you can send photos to certain friends and then use the feature to make the pictures disappear after the recipient sees them. How many times you’ve wished for this feature? Now it is part of the Instagram capabilities for more satisfying user experience.

What do you think of the new features of Instagram Stories and Instagram Direct? Leave a comment below the post.

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