LG G Pro 3 with Monstrous Specs Discussed in New Rumors

LG G Pro 3 specs revealed by sources

The unannounced LG G Pro 3 is expected to arrive with high-end specs and powerful processor

Last year one of the stars of the Korean manufacturer LG was the high-end phablet LG G Pro 2. The 6-incher (well, almost 6 – 5.9-inches to be exact) arrived with a powerful processor, modern software and a decent main camera with 13MP. Over a year later, LG hasn’t revealed yet when it is planning to present the successor of the G Pro 2, the LG G Pro 3. Are you impatient yet?

A recent leak with information from sources shed more light on the specs and the capabilities of the upcoming plus-size smartphone. LG G Pro 3 is outfitted with a 6-inch QHD screen. There is a good possibility to find Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip ticking in the gut of the phablet. The configuration includes 4GB RAM for brilliant performance and multitasking of the device. Rumors have it that the G Pro 3 is provided with 32GB internal memory out-of-the-box. This is solid amount of storage; however the owners of LG G Pro 3 who prefer even more memory will be able to use microSD cards for expansion.

The primary camera is upgraded compared to the G Pro 2. The rear sensor of the upcoming phablet is with 20.7MP resolution. The manufacturer of the camera is not revealed yet but according to some gossips, the handset might be equipped with Toshiba-made 10:7 sensor. On the front panel of the upcoming G Pro 3 is set a 8MP that should work just perfect for selfies and video chats.

Among the extras tucked in the device is also a fingerprint sensor. At least this is what latest hints from the rumor mill suggest. Keep in mind that there is a chance that LG might integrate the more advanced and trendy tech for iris recognition in the LG G Pro 3. If that is the case, the fingerprint sensor would be unnecessary.

The phablet flagship should make its official debut at some time this year, but there are still no clues when this is going to happen. Whenever the G Pro 3 enters the tech arena have no doubt that it will compete against the most powerful devices on the market, and the priciest, too. The expected price tag of the smartphone is around $790. An interesting question about the model is whether it will support a stylus for easier work considering its 6-inch panel. What are your expectations?

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