Learn More About MWC in the Video Launched by CNET

MWC described in a short video by CNET

What is the MWC and why is it so exciting for mobile users worldwide?

What is MWC? It is an abbreviation of the Mobile World Congress – one of the biggest and most important events in the first half of the year in the tech world. It is an exhibition that takes place in the end of February or in the beginning of March each year and continues for several days.

The event becomes a stage for announcements of new devices and gadgets by big and small companies from all around the globe. It takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Lots of manufacturers hold pre-MWC events where they introduce the new devices which will be showcased at the exhibition. Thousands of people from all over the world travel to Barcelona especially for MWC each year. CNET published a great video describing the purpose of the Mobile World Congress.

This year, the event begins on 2nd of March and will continue until 5th of March. Loads of companies, like HTC and Samsung begun sending invitations long before the beginning of the exhibition. Rumors have it that we are about to see new flagships and big announcements of some of the biggest manufacturers on the mobile arena. What are your expectations for the event?

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