Kids Phone F-03J is Cool Phone for Toddlers, Courtesy of DoCoMo

Kids Phone F-03J of DoCoMo is official

DoCoMo officially presented the phone designed for kids and toddlers, the Kids Phone F-03J

We are living in the age of high-tech when even kids have smartphones and most of them can use a tablet before they start going to school. What about a phone for toddlers? The youngest mobile users are often intrigued by the smartphones and the tablets, but to give a fragile device to a baby is not the best idea. Fortunately, there are companies that think even for the little ones. The Japanese company DoCoMo presented the Kids Phone F-03J.

It is especially designed for the youngest mobile users as young as toddlers. It comes in a waterproof panel (of course) and it even has an antibacterial coating to assure the safety of the baby in case the little one decides to try to suckle on it. Everything is special about the Kids Phone F-03J. For instance, it is painted with a special paint that is rather resistant and doesn’t peel off. The panel of the device is dust, shock and water resistant, so the phone can survive more than a few hits and drops to say the least. The tech specs of the new phone include a 2-inch QVGA TFT LCD screen. It works with a 1000mAh battery.

The F-03J boasts parent-control features that give parents information about the location of the kid. The phone has an SOS button and four buttons for direct calling of four contacts. Needless to say, the new device features a cute design and comes in candy colors, like pink, blue and yellow. It is getting launched in February 2017. The price is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned.

Source: GSMDome

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