Jolla Starts Licensing Sailfish OS 2.0 to Different Manufacturers

Soon Sailfish OS 2.0 will be running on more devices

More Sailfish OS 2.0-powered devices are expected soon

Sailfish OS developed by Jolla is among the youngest mobile operating systems in the digit world. So far the platform is integrated on the smartphone Jolla phone released by the company and the Jolla Tablet that is gaining popularity via the crowdfunded project. At MWC 2015 the manufacturer revealed that it will start licensing the platform Sailfish OS 2.0 to different OEM. This means that before too long more devices running on Sailfish OS will enter the digit world.

The other big news from the Finland-based company is the cooperation with Intel for the providing of support for the newest Atom x3 processor by the Sailfish OS 2.0. The new update of the Jolla’s platform will be released in the second half of 2015. The new version of Sailfish OS is expected to include enriched interface, improved possibilities for compatibility with Android apps.

The Jolla Tablet is expected to get released soon. It is the first device running on Sailfish OS 2.0. Would you try to use a new mobile platform? What are your expectations for the first manufacturers that would released devices running on the Jolla’s software? Share with us.

Source: gsmarena

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