It is Attractive, It is Luxurious, and It is Here, Apple iPhone 6S Elite by Goldgenie

The gold plated Apple iPhone 6S Elite is available for purchase

Goldgenie officially unveiled the Apple iPhone 6S Elite plated with 24K gold

Happy New Year to All our readers from China. We are now in the year of the Monkey according to the Chinese calendar. The famous manufacturer of luxury smartphones, Goldgenie released a special addition of the Apple iPhone 6S to celebrate the holiday. As expected, the new iPhone 6S Elite comes as a limited edition. The premium device sports a luxury 24K gold plated case with an impressive engraving on the rear panel.

The iPhone 6S Elite has it all, the awesome look and the awesome specs of the original flagship. Let’s say that if you are looking for a the latest iPhone dressed in an exquisite shell, this is the model that will meet your expectations. As we mentioned above, the elite device comes as a limited edition. Goldgenie  is offering only 99 units, which means that if you are planning on buying the luxury device, you should not waste time.

As expected, the iPhone 6S Elite is not a phone for everyone. It costs the impressive amount of $3599 (around €3221 or £2497) for the 16GB device. Goldgenie offers also 64GB and 128GB variants of the iPhone 6S Elite. Everything about the flagship is elite – from the name, to the appearance, to the package. The premium device is packed in a “luxury cherry oak display box.” Is the elite smartphone your cup of tea? Share with us.

Source: luxurylaunches

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