Huawei Mate S is a Phablet with Force Touch Tech, Rumors Say

Huawei Mate S with Force Touch tech is expected to debut at IFA

The unannounced Huawei Mate S is expected to feature a Force Touch tech. It will debut at IFA 2015

We are getting closer to the world exhibition IFA 2015 in Berlin that begins in the first week of September. Almost all major players on the tech arena will attend the event. Big announcements and news will fill the days of the event. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei is one of the companies that is getting ready to introduce new devices at IFA. Huawei Mate S is one of the smartphones that are expected to debut at the event. Rumors and leaks about the handset have already revealed a lot of its specs and capabilities. One of the advantages of the Huawei Mate S is the Force Touch tech in the screen.

The latest leak about the upcoming model comes from the online retailer Oppomart where the device was spotted listed for sells at price of $599 ahead of its announcement. The integration of the Force Teouch tech is the newest trend for flagships in the mobile world. The upcoming flagships of Apple, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are rumored to have displays with Force Touch. If gossips turn out to be true, the Mate S will be one of the first smartphones that feature the advanced technology.

The tech provides broad capabilities for working with the display. Users can run different features on the screen by applying certain pressure even on same spots of the display. For example, a gentle tap on the screen my run the YouTube app while a tap with bigger pressure on the same spot might run the Music app etc. What do we know for the Huawei Mate S until now? It is a large-sized phablet with a 5.7-inch screen and 1080p resolution. There are rumors that it might arrive with a 6-inch screen.

The hardware capabilities of the model are assured by octa-core processor with Kirin 935 chip and 3GB RAM (or 4GB according to some rumors). The GPU equipped with the device is Mali-T628. In terms of storage the phablet brings 64GB and it is expandable. The platform that powers the Huawei Mate S is Android 5.1 Lollipop below Emotion 3.1 UI. The main camera is a rear sensor with 20MP resolution. The secondary snapper is with 8MP and lies on front. The Mate S is armed with a 4100mAh (or 4500mAh) cell in its gut. As expected the flagship supports 4G LTE connectivity.

Keep in mind that the Chinese manufacturer is yet to confirm the leaked information about the unannounced phablet. The company might introduced more than one variants of the smartphone. Huawei has scheduled the press-event for 2nd of September when the Huawei Mate S is expected to debut.

Source: Oppomart

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