Huawei kidWatch K1 is the Upcoming Smartwatch for Kids

Huawei kidWatch K1 for children is coming soon

New smartwatch especially designed for kids is coming soon, Huawei kidWatch K1

Smartwatches are getting more and more popular gadgets among mobile users in the last two years. Each wearable tech piece has different advantages and special features to grab the hearts of users. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei seems to be working on a new smartwatch that is purposed for kids. The rumored name of the device is Huawei kidWatch K1 (K1-G01). It was spotted in the database of Bluetooth SIG.

Among the revealed specs of the smartwatch is support for Bluetooth 4.0. The gadget will connect to tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth. The kidWatch K1 is expected to support GSM capabilities. The entry in the database reveals that it supports SIM as well. The advantage of those features is the possibility for parents to track the location of the kid. The database does not include any photos or graphics of the smartwatch. The expectations suggest that it will be made from durable materials, like colorful plastic to survive the daily usage by the little ones.

The upcoming Huawei kidWatch K1 includes features like an intelligent alarm, motion information, call contacts, background monitoring, shake to add contact, remote shutdown etc. Perhaps the smartwatch will provide apps and games that will be fun for kids. We will wait and see.

Source: BluetoothSIG

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