Google Released YouTube Kids for iOS and Android

YouTube Kids is coming to iOS and Android

The kids-friendly app YouTube Kids is available for Android and iOS

Google kept is word to release the kids-friendly app YouTube Kids. At first the app was available only for Android users, but now the mobile giant is launching YouTube Kids for iOS as well. The interface of the app is simple and clean. It is designed to be easy-to-navigate and fun to use.

The images and icons are quite large, colorful and bright. It is provided with different features and possibilities for better parental control for search. In terms of content, the YouTube Kids is entertaining and educational. It is full of videos and images. They are organized in four main categories – Music, Learning, Shows and Explore. The app has the potential to grab the interest of the little ones. Google is promising to improve YouTube Kids over time with new features and options. Rumors have it that the upcoming Kurio tablets might arrive with the app pre-installed.

The application is perfect for family entertainment. The rich collection of videos and features will keep the interest of the kid. It is a great fun way for learning new things and exploring favorite topics of the little ones. YouTube Kids is easy to use even by youngest children who still don’t type. It is full of interesting things to learn and enjoy. Have you tried it yet? What is your opinion about the app?

Source: GooglePlayStore, iTunes

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