Google I/O 2016 News: VR: Daydream is a New Virtual Reality Platform

Google VR: Daydream virtual platform is official

Google took the wraps off the VR: Daydream platform for virtual reality

The virtual reality devices are getting more and more popular in the last years. Companies like Samsung, HTC and Google are working hard on developing technologies, hardware and software in this niche of the tech world. The I/O 2016 brought the first platform of Google especially developed for virtual reality. It is named VR: Daydream. As expected, the Daydream is integrated with Android. It provides an exceptional VR experience for users. The platform is made up of three parts: apps, smartphones and the headset & controller. Google launched the Daydream-ready list with smartphone specs that the devices must have to be compatible with the platform. About the headset and controller part – it is focused on the design.

The VR headset and controller have an appealing design, a much improved successor of the Cardboard. The reference design is getting shared with other companies that can launch devices following the pattern. The controller consists of two main buttons and a touchpad to keep everything as minimal and simple as possible. Google revealed that we can expect to see the first headsets and controllers with the reference design this fall. In terms of apps, the Daydream has a virtual reality interface for Android.

Google VR: Daydream is announced

Google has also included UI for notifications that users will get in real time to never miss a thing. Another thing to know is that the company has made a VR interface especially for the Google Play Store from where users will have the possibility to install apps in the virtual reality. Games, apps, movies and etc will be present as well. Overall the VR Daydream is a project we cannot wait to see in real… Are you interested in virtual reality?

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