Google Glass Version 2 is Coming Soon, Confirmed by Luxottica CEO

Luxottica CEO with the news that Google Glass 2 will be announced soon

Luxottica CEO reassured the rumors for the upcoming Google Glass version 2

The first edition of Google Glass fascinated users and developers with the great diversity of new capabilities, features and broad possibilities for development of the innovative wearable tech. However the device couldn’t grab the interest of buyers when it was finally released for the vast audience. One of the main reasons for the unsatisfying sell numbers for the Google Glass was the high price of the device. There were some critics towards the practical usage of the advanced eye-wear as well.

At some point it almost seemed like Google is giving up on the project until a month ago the chairman Eric Schmidt revealed that the company is developing the Glass and the second generation of the wearable tech might be released in 2015. The latest news on this topic comes from Milan, Italy delivered from the CEO of the company for fashionable eye-wear Luxottica, Massimo Vian. Google and Luxottica put the beginning of their partnership last year. According to Vian, the second generation of the Google Glass will be announced soon. In fact the companies are even working on the third version of the Glass.

No more details about the features or the launching of the next Google Glass were revealed. The expectations suggest that the new wearable tech should provide a longer battery life, better screen and sound quality among other improvements. Perhaps the price will be more affordable than the original model, too. We will wait and see.

Source: WSJ

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