5 Fun Games and Apps for Your Cats

Fun and interesting apps and games for cats

Apps and Games for your Beloved Cats

Does your cat get jealous when you are playing on your tablet instead of playing with her/him? There are a lot of interactive games especially designed for cats that your beloved pet will enjoy to the max.

1. Cat Fishing 2 is a game of Friskies designed especially for kitties. It is developed according to the specific instincts and reactions of cats to be the most entertaining for the felines. Your pet will enjoy chasing and catching fish, and you will enjoy a lot of fun moments with the reactions of the cat. How does Cat Fishing 2 work? Install it on your tablet. It is compatible for Android and iOS platforms, and it is free to download. Place the tablet on the floor and tap “start.” Your cat will quickly notice the appearing fish on the screen and it will catch them. The more it catches, the more challenging it gets, because the fish will swim faster and faster.

Cats love playing Cat Fishing 2

What happens if your cat loses interest? This is the most fun part – the app makes meowing noises if the pet doesn’t play for 30 seconds. The screens of most of the tablets are tough enough to handle the cats’ scratching on the surface. Be aware that there is still risks of minor damage and scratches on the display of the tablet.

If you are interested in downloading the app, go to:

Cat Fishing 2 for Android

Cat Fishing 2 for iOS

2. JitterBug is a fun game for cats that challenges them to catch bugs. There are several modes in the game with different levels of difficulty. For instance, the Game Mode includes five rounds (each continues for 15 seconds). The goal for the cat is to catch as many bugs as possible.
JitterBug app for cats
You can choose how many bugs of each kind will appear in the Advanced Mode. Choose the Endless Play mode in JitterBug if your cat likes to play for long. The game is free to download and it is compatible for iOS and Android-running smartphones and tablets. Visit the following links:

JitterBug for Android

JitterBug for iOS

3. Pull’n Play is a browser game that doesn’t require any download. You can start it in Chrome or Safari. Once you start the Pull’n Play, the Wobbert toy will appear on the screen with strings that move around and challenge your cat to catch them. It is easy and fun to play. Your cat will love it.

Pull'n Play for cats

Pull’n Play

4. Paint for Cats is an iOS-supported app for your beloved pet. The game challenges the cat to chase a mouse on the screen. Every time the pet touches the screen, it paints a picture. It is really fun to watch the cat play and to see what “pieces of art” it has created and share it on Facebook.

Paint for Cats app for iPhone and iPad

The app Paint for Cats costs $1.99 and it is available to download from the App Store.

Paint for Cats for iOS

5. Cat Canvas is a similar app to Paint for Cats. It is compatible with Android-running devices.

Cat Canvas for Android

Cat Canvas app for cats

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