Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview is Available for Testing by Android Users

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview is getting released

Android users can download the Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview and test it through an app

Fans of the mobile OS of Mozilla will enjoy the news that the Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview is now officially launched. It can be tested by the Android users through a dedicated app. This is something new for users who want to try the Firefox OS on their devices. Until now, the only way to do that was through a third-party hack.

When you run the app of the Firefox OS on your phone it will replace some of the original elements of the homescreen of the Android OS. Some of the features that are worth trying are the apps for messages, emails and phone calls. There is an app for app store as well. The update brings some add-ons that can extend different apps, including the system app in the same way as the add-ons work on browsers for PC and laptops.

Another interesting new feature is “Pin the web.” It is used for fast and convenient pinning of web pages or web sites you like to the home screen. The update provides better security for users’ data and privacy with the Private Browsing with Tracking protection features. Users can manage how their browsing activity is being tracked by different websites. The APK for the Firefox OS 2.5 can be downloaded from the link in the source. The platform works with a single home button which means that the back button for navigation of Android won’t be useful for the Mozilla’s mobile OS.

Source: Mozilla

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