Fetch! of Microsoft Can Guess the Breed of a Dog from a Photo

Fetch! of Microsoft for iOS is now official

The new app Fetch! of Microsoft is developed to guess canines’ breeds from photos

What breed is this cute dog? If this question sounds familiar to you, try the new app from Microsoft developed for all the dog-lovers who are curious about different canine breeds. Fetch! is the latest app of the Microsoft Garage projects that develop experimental applications. It is compatible with the iOS platform, but it is also available to try by the non-iOS users on the official website What-Dog.Net.

The idea of the app is to recognize the breed of a dog from a picture. The user of Fetch! submits a photo on the app or on the website and the app will make a guess of the breed of the canine. You will see a brief description of the certain breed. The tech used for the app is the Project Oxford of Microsoft. It is used in other apps like the Mimicher Alarm and etc. If you’ve ever tried the TwinsOrNot.net or How-Old.net websites, you already know how it works.

How accurate is the app? Well, it is not always right in its guesses, but overall, it is fun to try it if you are wondering of the breeds of different dogs. Even more fun is to submit photos of different things than dogs and see what results will the app deliver. Why not try it with pictures of yourself or of your friends? Share with us what you think of the Fetch! if you give it a try. It is free. You can find it in the iTunes App Store from the link in the source.

Source: iTunes

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