FCC Filing Might Have Spilled the Beans about the Next Google Glass

New Google Glass on the horizon according to rumors

New leak from FCC consists with more information about the alleged Google Glass 2

The first Google Glass did not meet the expectations for popularity amongst mobile users. Fortunately for the fans of the Glass, Google is not giving up on the project and the new generation of the advanced eye-wear tech is in the works. The latest leak about the device comes from the database of FCC. The FCC ID A4R-GG1 of Google was spotted on the e-label for the model in the FCC filing few days ago listed along with some details about the specs.

The clues that point that this is the successor of Google Glass are the “GG1” in the name of the device and some of its specs, like the whole support for data transfer from a computer. In addition the e-label for the original glass (A4R-X1) is similar to those of the unannounced mystery device (A4R-GG1). The listed specs include support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and it has a non-removable battery. For now the available information about the upcoming successor of Google Glass is very limited.

It is unknown when the wearable tech will be available for developers for testing, just like the Glass Explorer program. What are your expectations about the new Glass? Share with us in the comments.

FCC database consists of information about the upcoming Google Glass, rumors say

Source: FCC

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