Elegant, Stunning and Premium HTC One M9 INK with Engraved Body

HTC One M9 INK is officially unveiled

HTC One M9 INK is the new extraordinary variant of the flagship

The flagships of HTC are renowned for their absolutely stunning designs and premium feel. The HTC One M9 is another proof for the elegant exterior of the models of HTC, however if you are looking for even more extraordinary version of the high-end handset, the company has something for you. HTC One M9 INK is a luxury variant of the smartphone.

On the inside the features and capabilities of One M9 INK are the same as the original device. The exterior of the smartphone however is unique and awe-inspiring. It is designed in cooperation with the British model Jourdan Dunn and the tattooist Cally-Jo also from Great Britain.

The engraving on the panel of the smartphone reminds to tattoo. It is a work of Cally-Jo who has included motives from body art. Each element from the engraving on the back of the HTC One M9 INK has a meaning. The eye is a symbol of strength and sincerity, the leaves are included to present the blossom of creativity, the sun and the moon are balance and harmony while the hand is for protection and positivity. The availability and the price of the HTC One M9 INK are still unknown. What we know for certain is that the premium version of the flagship is coming in limited edition and it is outstanding. What do you think for the extraordinary One M9 INK?

Source: HTC

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