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Google Maps feature Saved Maps presented in video of CNET

Use Saved Maps in Google Maps when you are in “deadzone”

You need a map, you have your smartphone but there is no Wi-Fi connection nearby and you are not subscribed for any data plan? Well, there is a simple solution that might help you in future when you are planning to travel. Use Google Maps offline. The feature is supported by Google Maps for both platforms iOS and Android. CNET presents a useful video showing how to use the feature on your smartphone.

  1. Update the Google Maps app (see the links in the source)
  2. Plan ahead by searching the map of the area you are planning to visit
  3. Tap the search bar and scroll down until you see “Save Maps to use offline” and tap on it
  4. Zoom in the area you are planning to visit, so you can save it and explore it when you need
  5. When you are done tap on “Save” at the bottom
  6. Give a name to the saved map
  7. You can check all your saved maps by going to your profile and scrolling down to the bottom where the list with the names of the maps appears.

Keep in mind that using offline Google Maps does not support all the features in the app but it can help you to find your way around. The saved maps are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Source: CNET

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