Big Announcements are Expected from Pebble Soon

Pebble is working on new hardware and software that will debut soon

Pebble is working on new hardware and software, rumors say

Pebble is one of the pioneers and the major players on the arena for mobile tech. The first Pebble smartwatch quickly became a successful product thanks to its advantages – long battery life and simple to use hardware and user interface. Last year the company released a premium version of the original smartwatch named Pebble Steel. A new app store also became available for users who want to get the best experience of the Pebble smartwatch.

What’s next for the company? CES 2015 did not bring any new surprises from Pebble. However, a recent interview with CEO Eric Migicovsky for the Verge made the hints that new announcements are coming from the manufacturer soon, both in software and hardware field. The main rivals of the smartwatches of Pebble are the timepieces that run on Android Wear and the Apple Watch that is yet to be released.

Migicovsky shared that the company will introduce something completely new and different from the platforms we already know. “It doesn’t look like what we have today, and it doesn’t look like what’s on your smartphone.” Pebble is working hard on improving its devices and software. The company was proud to announce that it has shipped its one millionth smartwatch just few weeks ago – in the end of December 2014. It is still unknown what will happen and when we can expect to see it. If we believe the promises of Migicovsky, the waiting is totally worth it. Do you think that the company might make big announcements at MWC in Barcelona?

Source: TheVerge

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