Beats Solo2 Wireless Comes in More Colors

Beats Solo2 Wireless is launched in three more colors

Apple and Beats add more colors to Beats Solo2 Wireless

Last November Beats (owned by Apple) officially released the newest model headphones named Beats Solo2 Wireless. The extraordinary accessory was launched in abundance of colors, including black, white, red and blue. Verizon Wireless offers a scarlet version of the headphones exclusively.

The latest news about the Beats Solo2 Wireless is the adding of new colors to the palette. Apple is launching the headphones in gold, space gray and silver. You guessed right – those are the shades of the latest flagships Apple iPhone and the Apple iPads. The new additions of Beats will fit perfectly the mobile devices. The costs for the Beats Solo2 Wireless are $299 despite of the color you choose. Apple and Beats are offering the original Beats Solo2 for $199. The wireless accessory supports Bluetooth connectivity. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for playing music.

The headphones work within 30-feet distance from the device their paired to. Among the extraordinary capabilities of the Beats Solo2 Wireless is the possibility to take phone calls with a built-in microphone. It works with a rechargeable cell that boasts 12 hours battery life. Overall, the new additions of Beats are not a big change for users who are planning to buy the accessory, but there is no doubt that the bigger choice of colors provides a more fulfilling user experience.

Beats Solo2 Wireless is coming in more colors

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