Apple Released the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

Smart Battery Case of Apple is up-for-sells

The new accessory Smart Battery Case of Apple costs $99

One of the most common complain of users of Apple’s flagships is the relatively short battery life. Rival companies use the nickname “wall huggers” for users pointing the need to find electric outlets for regular recharging of the phones. The newest accessory of Apple is promising to improve the battery life of the iPhone 6s. It is named Smart Battery Case and as its name suggests it is designed to provide more juice for the flagship. It is compatible with Apple iPhone 6s and its predecessor, iPhone 6.

The exact capacity of the battery tucked into the case is not revealed but according to Apple it can boost the battery life of the device to 25 hours in talk time and up to 18 hours in LTE web browsing. Just for comparison without the case the iPhone 6s has 14 battery life in talk time and 10 hours of LTE web browsing. The Smart Battery Case sports an attractive design.

It is made of silicon with microfiber lining on the inside for extra protection of the iPhone 6s. When the flagship is put into the case, it can display how much charged the case is in the notifications hub. The color options for the accessory are White and Charcoal Gray. The price of the Smart Battery Case is $99. It will be available for purchase after tomorrow, 10th of December.

Source: Apple

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