Apple is Sending-Out the Latest Update iOS 8.2

Apple is releasing iOS 8.2

iOS 8.2 is officially unveiled by Apple

The main star of the Apple Spring Forward event was the Apple Watch. Another important announcement of the company was the revealing of the iOS 8.2 update. Apple is sending out the update of the platform to devices that are compatible with it. The new in iOS 8.2 is the support for Apple Watch (of course).

The company has developed a special application for it and users will be able to take advantage of it after they installed the update. Among the new apps is also the Activity app. It is purposed for easy monitoring of the fitness date of the user delivered from the Apple Watch. Here is the place to remind that the Apple Watch is provided with different health related sensors that will be much appreciated by fitness enthusiasts.

Speaking of health-related apps, the Health application is enriched in iOS 8.2. For instance, it enables easy changing of different measurement units as well as the possibility for visualizing workout sessions provided by third-party apps. The new Apple’s update brings improvements in the apps for Music, Maps, Apple Mail etc. For those of you who are impatient to upgrade their devices with the new platform have to keep in mind that it is 565MB big. Ne sure you check the notifications of your smartphone or tablet for the update or just go through settings and install it when it is available for download.

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