Apple iPhone 7c to be Named iPhone 5e, According to an Analyst from China

iPnone 7c is coming as iPhone 5e, rumors say

New rumors from China suggest that iPhone 7c will be called iPhone 5e

Are you getting excited about the upcoming new smartphone of Apple? Rumors and speculations about the unannounced device keep surfacing in the tech world. It is still unknown how the 4-incher will be named. According to previous rumors the device will be dubbed either iPhone 6c or iPhone 7c. However, new gossips from the last days reveal a different theory about the name of the upcoming handset. A Chinese analyst shared that the smartphone will be called the Apple iPhone 5e.

The letter “e” stands for “enhanced.” The device is expected to be an upgraded version of the flagship from two years ago, the iPhone 5s. The new handset will have support for VolLTE and Apple Pay. Some of the specs of iPhone 5e revealed in the leaks until now include a 4-inch screen, A8 chip and 1GB RAM. The smartphone will be equipped with an 8MP main camera on the back. It is expected to run on iOS 9.3.

Rumors have it that it will be available at a price of CNY 3288 (around $500 or €459) unlocked. Launch date and availability are not announced yet. Apple has the tradition of presenting its new devices in the fall. The growing number of rumors and leaks for the alleged iPhone 5e make the hint that the smartphone is almost ready to debut. When Apple will decide to take the wraps off the new smartphone remains to be seen. Many believe that the company will present the low-end smartphone along with the new flagships iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in March…

Source: timesnews

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