Apple iPhone 6s is Expected to Go for Sells on September 25th

Apple iPhone 6s will be released Sept 25, rumors say

New leak reveals that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6s will be released on September 25

Apple iPhone 6s is the rumored upcoming flagship of the mobile giant Apple. The smartphone will succeed the high-end iPhone 6 that was announced in September 2014. Are you curious when Apple is planning to introduce the new generation iPhone? According to sources the release date of Apple iPhone 6s is 25th of September. The rumors seem believable for two reasons. First, Apple has the tradition for introducing the flagships in fall.

As we mentioned above the current stars of the company were unveiled in the beginning of September 2014. And second reason is that Apple usually releases its smartphone on Friday (the 25th of Sept is Friday). The rumor mill has already delivered some teasers about the specs for the unannounced handset. It is expected to run on iOS 9. The update is not announced yet. It is one of the most anticipated announcements for the WWDC 2015 this summer.

The main camera of the model is rumored to be with 12MP. The iPhone 6s is coming with 2GB RAM. The source of the latest leak is from internal communication at Vodafone UK. It is mentioned as the “new iPhone.” There are rumors that Apple will introduce a iPhone 6s Plus as well. According to other gossips Apple might release a small-sized 4-incher this year. We will wait and see. The company has not confirmed any of the rumors for the next flagship(s). Stay tuned.

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