Apple Introduced the iOS 9 at WWDC 2015

iOS 9 goes official

The new update of the Apple’s mobile platform iOS 9 is announced at WWDC

In the beginning of this week (June 8th) began the big event in the digit world, the developers’ conference of Apple WWDC 2015. The Mac OS X and the unveiling of the iOS 9 were the first announcements of the company. The improvements in the new update of the platform are numerous and major. A few of them include a smarter Siri (the voice assistant of iOS), Notes, Maps, split-screen and new apps like News and many more.

Siri is now named by Apple “Proactive Assistant” and for a good reason. The new features and capabilities of Siri make it more contextually aware than ever before. It will “remember” user’s preferences, schedule etc and will offer help without even asking. Overall the new functionality of the assistant brings it closer to what Google Now is offering. In iOS 9 Siri is located in the left pane of the screen. The more often you are using your device, the more aware Siri is getting and more relevant help and suggestions it will be able to provide. One of the new functions of the assistant is the searching. It can search inside apps in order to deliver the wanted information in cards. The new Siri serves as caller ID as well. For example, if you are receiving a call from hidden number, Siri will provide suggestions who might be calling based on your email correspondence with the person. All the information that the assistant is going through remains private because it is not sent to a centralized server, but instead it rummage through the email from your device.

iOS 9 brings some nice improvements related to multitasking. For example the recently used apps appear as 3D cards for easy access. The platform includes a much demanded feature by users – split-screen. Slide Over is the basic level of the new feature. It enables users to dock the app they are using on the side of the screen for easy access and interaction. The Split View is among the key new features in the platform. It enables users to work with two apps simultaneously, including switching between apps, tam into links, change the split ratio and many more capabilities. The multitasking with videos is also improved. For example if you are using ESPN you will get the new option to play the video in a small window that is floating, it can be resized and move around. A lot of the new features for multitasking in iOS 9 are compatible with new models iPads (iPhones and some of the older iPads will not support them for now).

The update brings improved Maps and Notes apps. Another new feature in the iOS 9 is the News app. It delivers news that might be interesting for users. The platform assures longer battery life. It is packed with plenty of features that are worth exploring. The registered developers in the Apple’s network already have this opportunity by downloading the developer beta version. The public beta of iOS 9 is getting released in July. The official launching of the update is scheduled for this fall. iOS 9 is compatible with all devices that are powered by iOS 8.

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