Amazon Fire HD 8 Reader Edition is Getting Released for $249.99

Amazon Fire HD 8 Reader Edition goes for sell for $249.99

Amazon Fire HD 8 Reader Edition is officially launched

Do you have a passion for reading? Are you obsessed with your tablet? Most of the e-book readers have very limited features in terms of browsing through the web and using apps. A new offer from Amazon might help you in finding the perfect solution for your two hobbies. The Amazon Fire HD 8 Reader Edition is a special variation of the mid-ranged tablet that comes with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited for a year and a premium leather cover. The slate lacks one of the main features of the best e-book readers – the e-ink display.

However Amazon has found a way to assure the fulfilling reading experience for users of the Fire HD 8 Reader Edition tablet thanks to the Blue Shade feature. It reduces the blue light exposure of the screen which makes reading more pleasant. It is a known fact that the blue light can affect the body’s production of melatonin by lowering it. It can disturb the falling of sleep of the user. The subscription to the Kindle Unlimited subscription assures access to over 1 million books and numerous audiobooks.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a mid-ranged tablet with 8-inch 720p screen. It is packed with a quad-core processor and boasts 8GB storage. On the back of the smartphone is outfitted a 5MP camera paired with more modest secondary front-facing snapper. It is an Android-powered tablet running on the heavily customized user interface of Amazon. The launching of the Fire HD 8 Reader Edition is scheduled for 9th of December but the pre-orders are already open. It costs $249.99 off-contract.

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